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  • Bioart, Performance, Media-art, Water, Participatory, Pollution, Water flea, Environmental law, Arctic, Report of offense

The Waterscapes – Project Room brings Water Flea Circus and I wanted to go swimming projects into one space. Together they pinpoint serious problems in the current state of seas and freshwaters, and in their protection. The approach to do this is multidisciplinary while it is realized in a provocative, humoristic and political way. The projects deal with issues concerning the arctic freshwater ecosystems that have been exposed to effects of global warming, and our most polluted sea in the world, the Baltic Sea

I wanted to go swimming –project asks does the Western Environmental law offer a sufficient protection for vast nature areas against their collective destruction? The artists have made an official report of an offence to the Finnish police concerning the polluting of the Baltic Sea. The act of reporting the offence and the discussion followed with a police officer have been recorded and the film is presented in the Waterscapes – Project Room. I wanted to go swimming handles the issue of polluting as a collective crime.

Water Flea Circus 10 is a bioart influenced, multidisciplinary performance suitable for both children and adults. It combines elements from performance art, postdramatic theatre, do-it-yourself (DIY) circus, video art and live installation. Through an easygoing flow the audience is immersed into the environment of shadowy landscapes and water, meeting a posthuman creature and exploring the world of water fleas through real time microscopic and other video projections. Underlying the performance is the intertwined co-existence of humans and water fleas on the same biosphere of the planet Earth, where different kinds of life forms interact and have complex networks that support each other, so that one small incident can have an unpredictable effect on everything else.

In the Waterscapes – Project Room audience can explore living water fleas, living algae, sediment samples, and water samples through microscopy and other means. As a personal contribution for saving the hydrosphere of our planet, visitors can submit an report of an offence. In the end of the exhibition, a raffle will be held among all those who have submitted the reports, and the winner will win the right to use a recycled red kayak for a three month period.


Case 6070/R/164387/08

Confessing and reporting a crime.

VIDEO LINK:   http://www.uimaan.net/data/video_eng.html



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