Merja Talvela

CV, short

Merja Talvela



Key interests – multi-disciplinary cultural projects that cross boundaries such as gender, ethnicity, age and species.


Studied at London University & University of Essex, Great Britain, BA(hons), Russian Language and Literature, Play and Performance. Artist’s Pedagogical Post-Graduate Studies, Theatre Academy, Helsinki, Finland

Courses at Theatre Academy, Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki University, Finland and The Albany cultural centre, London, England

Main work activities

Currently director of an exhibition incorporating psychology, photography, dance, sound and interior design.

2008-2010 Participated in establishing Finnish Bioart Society, Finland, and developing Water Flea Circus.

2007-2009 developed The Cultural Chain, a Euro cities award winning project for innovation. The project created links between institutions such as arts schools, museums, and nursing homes in order to provide cultural nourishment for the elderly.

Script-writer and director for performances in Weegeetalo celebrating the 500th anniversary of the city of Espoo, Finland.

1991-2007 work as director & script-writer, main interests lying in group process work. Project groups consisted of arts professionals, or professionals together with youth and non-professionals. Wrote and directed plays and performances growing out of exceptional locations such as a mine, a mental hospital, and museums. Co-wrote and directed an interactive play for children, produced by Helsinki Expert and the Governing Body of Suomenlinna, which was performed on the Suomenlinna sea fortress and ran for nine years.

Directed and wrote a feature film with the Finnish National Broadcasting Ltd, and several short films. Also worked as cultural producer for cultural centres of Helsinki and Espoo, and as drama teacher at the cultural centres, schools and a refugee centre

1979-1990 worked as a journalist, translator, and cultural activist

1977- 1978 worked at a women’s refuge, London