– Water Flea Circus 10

Short text, credits and still images

Water Flea Circus is a bioart influenced multidsiciplinary performance suitable for both children and adults. It combines elements from performance art, postdramatic theatre, do-it-yourself (DIY) circus, video art and live installation. Through an easygoing flow the audience is immersed into the environment of shadowy landscapes and water, meeting a posthuman creature and exploring the world of water fleas through real time microscopic and other video projections.

The performance questions the relationship between humans and our environment in an artistic, moving, and sensitive manner. Underlying the performance is the intertwined co-existence of humans and water fleas on the same biosphere of the planet Earth, where different kinds of life forms interact and have complex networks that support each other, so that one small incident can have an unpredictable effect on everything else.

Global warming has a strong impact on arctic nature. Clear water and low-nutrient rivers, lakes and ponds are increasingly exposed to ultraviolet radiation and at the same time water temperatures are raising. Changes in ecosystems will follow. New species may reclaim space from existing species while some populations will collapse or disappear all together.

The Water Flea Circus was born at the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station, Helsinki University, Lapland, Finland. It has been created in close contact with international water ecosystem research in Kilpisjärvi.


Water Flea Circus 10

Merja Talvela, Anu Osva, Sini Haapalinna, Kristiina Ljokkoi

Music and sound: Mikko Putkonen

Costumes: Heini Granberg, Sini Haapalinna

Editing: Antti Tenetz, Sini Haapalinna

Acknowledgements: Dr. Iris Zellmer (D) for scientific consultation, Finnish Bioart Society-ArsBioarctica, Kilpisjärvi Biological Station-University of Helsinki, ELY Centre North Karelia-Biosphere Reserve Activities, Finnish Cultural Foundation-North Karelia Regional Fund